World Navi

World Navi

Own a personal vehicle through I&M Bank Asset Financing straight from Japan! its affordable, reliable and faster .  We have a partnership with World Navi (an auto export company in Japan with offices at Ngong Road Morning Side Park),

Our exclusive partnership with World Navi delivers a range of benefits to you;

  • Peace of mind as you will be dealing with a reputable auto exporter (World Navi).
  • Pre-shipping inspection thus assuring you of high-quality second-hand car with genuine mileage.
  • Exclusive financing arrangement from I&M Bank – the Bank will pay directly to World Navi prior to shipment – no waiting for the vehicle to arrive in Kenya and registration.
  • The scheme comes with a one year comprehensive insurance with attractive terms. Insurance Premium Financing (IPF)  will be available on subsequent policy renewals. 

The  process of owning your dream car is  now easy and hassle-free;

  • Make inquiry and give your preferred vehicle specifications directly to World Navi.
  • Once World Navi receives the request for such a car, they will source for the specific vehicle from Japan and give a quotation.
  • If you agree to the quotation, terms and conditions of importation, forward your loan application to I&M Bank.
  • Once your loan has been approved, you will be required to make your initial deposit to World Navi after which the Bank will pay directly to World Navi and instruct them to commence importation.
  • You will then be required to sign the necessary Asset Finance documents and proceed to make arrangements for loan repayments.
  • World Navi will make shipment, clearing and vehicle registration with KRA. The Bank will offer a competitive insurance package for all transactions under the scheme. 
  • World Navi will then deliver the vehicle to you. 

For more information, complete the form on your right and one of our representatives will get in touch with you as soon as possible.