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Trade Services

We cover the full range of trade finance services from letters of credit and guarantees to export and import trading.

Our range of Trade Finance products include:

  • Letters of Credit (Import & Export)
  • Guarantees | Bonds | Unsecured Bid Bonds
  • Documentary Collections (Import & Export)
  • Transactions under Export Credit Guarantee (GSM-102)program under United States Department of Agriculture
  • Bill Avalization
  • Bill/Invoice Discounting
  • Import Bill Refinancing
  • 2- Year LC under Global Trade Finance program(GTFP) of International Finance Corporation (IFC)


Capability to offer trade finance services to all major financial centres worldwide through correspondent banking relationships with a host of major multinational Banks

Cross-border financing arrangements through established financing lines from major worldwide correspondent Banks in several countries

Ability to deal in most major currencies

A dedicated Trade Finance Department provides very efficient processing and services.

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