National Tree Growing Day

National Tree Growing Day

 I&M Bank Kenya with support from the I&M Foundation heeded the call by GoK to step up and stand on the right side of history following the declaration of Monday 13th a holiday to plant+grow trees in a campaign to combat the adverse effects of climate change.We look forward to seeing what the upcountry branches got up to but here's a sneak peek into how Team Nairobi got down. 


Different groups convened at both 1 Park Avenue and the Tower before setting off for the sleepy township of Kimende for a quick coffee stop. The convoy of a lead car, three minibuses and a pickup truck of KFS rangers then snaked to Kereita forest where we had an icebreaking exercise (mostly just hollering and dancing) and briefing before making our way to the planting site some 30 minutes walk away in the drizzle and fog. There was a little slipping and sliding as we trekked uphill in the mud, but everyone made it in one piece and the real kazi commenced. We were done in about an hour then headed back to the clearing where we had the briefing for a quick snack. Here we Ni Sare Kabisad the local community folks and talked to them a bit about our products and services. We also requested they lay out some of their produce so we could buy some to take home. They were BEYOND thrilled. Group GM - Marketing & Communication GM Mwihaki Wachira who obviously has a spontaneous shopping problem bought a gunia full of greens which she refused to put down.


Seeing the smiles on the faces of the men and women of Kereita as we shared our future Sustainability focus and committed to provide continued support through the Foundation was really heartwarming. Traders in the neighbouring shops also got a bit of I&M loving when we handed them branded reflector jackets which they appreciated. 


Many thanks to the I&M Foundation trustees and head James Gatere, Pamoja Steering Committee members, Marketing and HR departments as well as every single person who showed up or intended to but could not make it for one reason or another. Our impact on that community will not soon be forgotten.  What an honour to be able to say with sincerity, #OnYourSide!

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