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B2B API Integration

I&M Business Connect presents an efficient and convenient way for organizations to collect and account for payments owed to them by their customers or members. As a value add, we provide you with instant payment notifications for all successful payments.

We have two options below based on your organization set-up.

    a) Direct integration with your Information System or Account System. This allows for real time customer details validation and subsequent update of your ERP system with successful payments collected by the Bank. Through our business connect (B2B) API integration collection solution, I&M Bank shall integrate with your ERP/system where your customers will be able to deposit cash and cheques at any of our branches or do electronic funds transfers and the payments will be updated directly into the ERP. This solution shall greatly improve the operational efficiency and eliminate the cash handling risks from your officers.b) Free Web portal and Mobile App this is available if you don’t have a system yet or your current system is not ready for integration. This will enable you access your payment reports and upload billing information.

I&M Business Connect is ideal for:

    1. Fees collection in schools, universities, colleges, and other institutions2. Rent collections3. Membership subscriptions for clubs or professional bodies4. Utility bills collections5. Invoice/bill collections in businesses against goods/services sold

Key payment channels available to our customers:

    1. Cash and Cheque deposits at I&M Bank branches2. Mobile Money - M-Pesa Paybill3. Pesalink4. RTGS


    1. Transaction reference pre-validation Capability2. System Integration Capability3. Payments Notifications4. Reconciliation & Settlement


    1. Real Time update of payments and receipts on your ERP System2. No manual/delayed upload to corporate system3. Ease of reconciliation4. Access to detailed reports for all transactions5. Validation against the unique Customer Number/Reference Number etc

Some of the I&M Business Connect Products and Services include:

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