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Malaika Advantage

This is a Motor Private comprehensive cover that is designed specifically for Lady motorists arranging their motor insurance through I&M Bancassurance Intermediary Limited. The package has extra benefits and attractive terms at no additional premium compared to a standard motor policy.


  • The logbook of the vehicle must be registered in the lady’s name or must be transferred into the lady’s name within a month of taking the cover.
  • The lady applicant should be a duly licensed driver.
  • The lady applicant should be the primary driver and user of the vehicle.
  • The logbook must remain in the lady’s name during the period of the insurance.
  • In addition to the benefits granted under the standard private car comprehensive policy, this package offers the following extra benefits at no additional premium;

Hand Bag

Hand bag contents cover up to a specified limit.

Road Rescue services

Annual AA Tanzania membership.


Accommodation after an accident – 30 KMs away from home.

Special Cover

Political Risks, Terrorism & sabotage cover.

Personal Accident

Cover for the insured up to a specified limit

Excess Protector

No payment of Policy excess in the event of a claim.

Enhanced Towing

Enhanced towing Limit in the event of accidental damage to the insured car

Free Medical checkups

At Medanta Hospital- blood, sugar, pap smear, breast exam.

Home insurance

(Contents cover) up to a certain limit.

Free vehicle valuation

For insurance purposes.


Forced ATM withdrawal cover.

Malaika Gift Pack

Shopping voucher and Pre-load oil Libya fuel card.

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