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I&M Business Connect

I&M Business Connect is a service that offers businesses a convenient and efficient way to collect money from their consumers and make payments to their suppliers, staff, etc. This service is offered through a financial technology platform that has been developed to facilitate various types of collection and payment transactions on a real time basis with Straight-Through Processing. The platform has the capability to connect a company‘s operational and/or financial system on one side and banking channels, banking systems, suppliers, aggregators, payment channels on the other side.

The product facilitates:

  • World-class banking service and superior customer service at any I&M Bank branch.
  • Paying has now been made easier and at no cost to the payer through I&M Bank branch with School fees control number.
  • The service allows instant validation of student details, thus eliminating errors and possible complaints.
  • Immediate and automatic update of students’ records at the School once payment has been successfully received by the Bank

Some of the I&M Business Connect Products is:

Strathmore University
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