I&M Bank Rwanda - BRISK


Enjoy Seamless Banking Across The Region

One I&M Bank Account across 3 Countries

We offer you seamless banking services at all I&M Bank branches in Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.

You will now be able to enjoy the following services:

  • Direct cash deposit into your I&M account from any of the countries. Deposit may be done by you as the account holder or any other person you are doing business with. Beneficiary receives funds instantly.

  • You can access cash from any I&M Bank branch. This can only be done by authorised account signatory(ies).

  • Instant funds transfer between any I&M Bank accounts in these 3 countries.

  • Cash deposit and withdrawals will attract charges as per local tariff; the country from where the transaction is initiated.

  • Outgoing Transfer: RWF 9,000

  • Incoming Transfer: RWF 2,000

  • Outgoing Transfer: Kes 1,000

  • Incoming Transfer: Kes 200

  • Outgoing Transfer: USD 20

  • Incoming Transfer: 0