Diaspora FAQ

Get answers to all frequently asked questions about I&M Diaspora Banking


  • A wide variety of transactional business and personal accounts

  • Payment cards – prepaid, credit and debit cards

  • Money Remittances options.

  • Property Investments and property purchase deal facilitation

  • Up to 25 years repayment period for mortgage.

  • 1.Fill the account opening form under downloads

  • 2. Sign the signature card also available under downloads

  • 3. Send scanned copies to [email protected]

  • We will take 2 working days to open your account

  • We shall email you account confirmation

  • For enquiry and clarifications email [email protected]

  • You can send funds into your account by choosing the various convenient and user friendly remittance channels.

  • Through I-Click and WhatsApp Banking

  • Filling a form mandating a third party to run your account

  • Alternatively, you can open a joint account with mandate as either or survivor.

  • We give you more than one option to invest, you may opt to have our attractive mortgage plan or go for cash buying deal facilitation option

  • You will need to contact Diaspora banking unit on [email protected] with your new address to enable us update your records.

  • Chat with us via our website chat option

  • Email : [email protected]

  • WhatsApp: +250 788 387 207

  • Call Centre: +250 788 162 006

  • I&M Bank (Rwanda) Plc, P.O BOX 354 Kigali, Rwanda