Revision of Current Cheque Value Limits

Revision of Current Cheque Value Limits
Dear Customers,

This is to notify you that Bank of Uganda issued new limits for cheque values thus phasing out the old cheque limits for currencies currently handled by the clearing house. Effective 15th January 2022, cheques issued with the old limit threshold will stop being honoured. Please find the table below including the current and new cheque value limits for the respective currencies.

Currency Currency Value Limit New Value Limit
1 Uganda Shillings UGX 20,000,000 UGX 10,000,000
2 US Dollar $5,500 $2,750
3 Euro €4,500 €2,250
4 British Pound £4,400 £2,200
5 Kenya Shillings KES 600,000 KES 300,000

Note: The new limits do not apply to over-the-counter cheque withdrawals nor do they apply to cheque payments that are made within the same bank i.e. where the cheque issuer and the recipient hold accounts in the same commercial bank.

We encourage you to use electronic payment options such as RTGS, EFTS among others.

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