Key Facts

I&M Group PLC

I&M Group PLC, formerly known as City Trust Limited (CTL) was incorporated on 16th August 1950 and is one of the oldest companies to list on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE). I&M Group Plc (Previously known as I&M Holdings Plc) was licensed and approved as a non-operating holding company in accordance with the provisions of the Banking Act, Cap 488 Laws of Kenya following a reverse takeover of CTL by I&M Bank Limited in June 2013.

I&M Group PLC operates in five countries – Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Mauritius through its subsidiaries, affiliates and joint venture investments in each of these countries.

I&M Group Subsidiaries

I&M Group Plc subsdiaries consist of

  • I&M Bank Limited, Kenya

  • I&M Bank (T) Limited, Tanzania

  • I&M Bank (Rwanda) Limited, Rwanda

  • Bank One Limited, Mauritius

  • I&M Bank (Uganda) Ltd (Formerly known as Orient Bank Ltd)

  • I&M Realty Limited, Kenya

  • Giro Limited, Kenya

  • I&M Insurance Agency Limited, Kenya

  • I&M Burbidge Capital Limited, Kenya

  • Burbidge Capital (U) Limited, Uganda

  • I&M Capital Limited, Kenya

  • I&M Insurance Agency Limited, Kenya

  • Youjays Insurance Brokers Limited, Kenya

I&M Group PLC Shareholding

Below are names and level of ownership of significant shareholders who own more than 5% shareholding of the company.

Minard Holdings Limited
Tecoma Limited
Ziyungi Limited
BII (through Standard Chartered Kenya Nominees Ltd A/C KE002796)
Others shareholders individually not holding more than 5%

I&M Group PLC Summary of Shareholders as at 31st Dec 2022

East African Community Partners States Institutions
Foreign Institutions
East African Community Partner States Individuals
Foreign Individual