Wealth Management Services

Wealth Management Services

Portfolio Optimization/restructuring

  • Investment advisors analyze your current portfolio and assess opportunities for you to make better returns based on your investment needs (growth, capital preservation) and risk appetite (aggressive, moderate or conservative strategies). li>


Government securities (bonds and treasury bills):

We offer investment in local government securities such as bonds and treasury bills. Treasury bills are held typically for 3,6 and 12 months. Government bonds are typically issued for more than 1 year and can be categorized as fixed and infrastructure bonds. The difference is that fixed bonds attract withholding tax while infrastructure bonds are tax free. Bonds offer an attractive predictable return and pay out every 6 months.


Bond Leverage

  • This is a leverage product on local Kenya Govt and sovereign Bonds. Leverage of up to 2x will be offered through a term loan with a maximum tenure of 10 years on local bonds and 7 years on Kenyan sovereign bonds.


Offshore Sovereign bonds

  • I&M Capital offers customers access to investments in Eurobonds issued by sovereigns such as Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt amongst others. These investments offer US dollar denominated returns and attract returns of upwards of 5% per annum. Minimum investment is USD 200,000.


Offshore Trading

  • This provides our clients access to several financial instruments from markets all over the world. These instruments include stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives, index and mutual funds, among others. One of the key tenets of successful wealth management is diversification and this exposure to international markets is an opportunity to provide our clients with above market returns compared to local financial market availability.

I&M Capital Wealth Fund

  • I&M Capital Wealth Fund which is an open-ended Mutual Fund that invests in short term fixed income securities. The aim of the fund is to provide safety and income for investors who wish to set money aside for short term goals. Contributions of many investors are pooled to earn higher returns for individual investors. The fund can be operated as an instant savings account for customers looking to save and maximize returns.

  • The Fund aims to maximise income while preserving capital and minimizing risk. It is designed for individuals as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with surplus cash available for investments.

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Bond Trading Facility

  • This is a facility offered for Government of Kenya bond trading both in the primary and secondary markets. It allows investors to leverage on margins from the government securities trading.

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