I&M Capital Wealth Fund

I&M Capital Wealth Fund

I&M Capital Wealth Fund is an open-ended Mutual Fund that invests in short term fixed income securities. The aim of the fund is to provide income for investors who wish to set money aside for short term goals. Contributions of many investors are pooled to earn higher returns for individual investors. The fund can be operated as an instant savings account for customers looking to save and maximize returns.

The Fund aims to maximise income while minimizing risk. It is designed for individuals as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with surplus cash available for investments. 

I&M Capital Limited is regulated by The Capital Markets Authority of Kenya (CMA). The CMA is an Independent financial regulatory agency responsible for supervising, licensing, and monitoring activities of market intermediaries.


  • - High liquidity (quick access to the money invested) Monthly and lump sum contributions allowed Interest is earned daily and compounded monthly Minimum investment of KES. 5,000
  • - Minimum top of KES. 2,000 Minimum withdrawal of KES. 2,000 One free withdrawal per month.
  • - Charge of Kes 500 for each additional withdrawal within the same month
  • - Lock in period of 14 days for first time investors


  • - Invested in relatively low risk investments.
  • - Low investment costs Diversification of investments
  • - Investment decisions made by experts Withdrawals are processed within 3 working days
  • - Funds accessed at short notice without loss of interest.

Returns on the fund will be displayed daily as below

As at 18th July 2024


Fund Name


Daily Yield

Effective Annual Rate

I&M Capital Wealth Fund

Kenya Shillings




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