Young Savers Account

Designed to encourage the savings habit!

I&M Bank Kenya - Young Savers Account

Young Savers Account

Young savers Account is a savings account for children, designed to encourage the savings habit. Young Savers is a children’s personal account with a minimum balance of Kenya Shillings 1,000 only. No cheque books or ATM Cards are issued and there are no ledger fees or account maintenance charges.

Account Features

  • Minimum Balance


  • Maximum Eligibility age


  • Ledger Fees


  • Account Maintenance Charges


  • Banker’s cheque

    Free (only to an educational institution)

  • Recognition card

    Free (Get discounts at leading outlets like bookshops, sports shops etc.)

  • Events / Activities

    Eligibility to participate in Annual Young Saver events/activities

  • Child Education policies

    Access to Child Education policies at competitive rates

  • Free upgrade

    To PayGo account on attaining 18 years

  • Flexi Deposit account (ask for details)


Young Savers Account

A savings account specifically for children designed to inculcate the savings habit & ensure they don’t face financial challenges in future. Open one for your child online today.

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