Corporate Governance

The I&M Group Board has consistently placed great importance on good corporate governance practices of the company, its subsidiaries and joint venture investments (together with the ‘Group’) as it believes that this is vital for the Group’s strong business performance on a sustainable basis.

The Group’s corporate governance framework takes into consideration the Capital Markets Authority Code on Corporate Governance as well as global best practices. This enables the Group to effectively consider and critically evaluate the business activities of its subsidiaries and joint venture on an ongoing basis, in order to maintain these at acceptable risk levels.

A similar approach is adopted when considering any new investments, both in the country and across the region. The Group’s corporate governance framework also ensures that the Group maintains and promotes high standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability across all levels.

The Board is charged with the responsibility to provide effective and responsible leadership, characterized by ethical values of responsibility, accountability, fairness, and transparency in order to promote the long-term success of the Group by creating and delivering sustainable shareholder value.

In order to ensure transparency in line with the Corporate Governance Guidelines and consistency in monitoring the Company, the Board has set up three Board Committees to assist in discharging its responsibilities namely:

Board Audit and Risk Management Committee

Board Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Board Strategy Steering Committee